Business Consultation Services


Business Consultation is a professional service in a particular business-related area such as management, human resources, finance, marketing, public relations, digital transformation, and other specialized fields. It is a service that analyzes the business in order to generate solutions and assists businesses in developing successful plans for fulfilling their objectives effectively. The consultant brings certain methodologies, tools, strategies, and frameworks in order to guide the business and boost profits.

If you are...

  • Facing a specific problem with your business and you are looking for solutions.
  • Getting unwanted results and you need to know the reason(s) and possible solutions.
  • Planning to start a new project, business, product or service, marketing campaign, or market research.
  • Scaling up your business and planning to develop policies, Standard Operational Procedures, and guidelines for your company/organization.

We can allocate the right expertise, tools and technologies to support your business.

What we do!


Understand People


Understanding People is the key...
We work with our clients to understand the needs and wants of their teams and their customers. By interviewing key stakeholders, reviewing data and records, conducting in-depth research...


Identify Problems

Strategic/operational level

Based on the Findings and the insights collected, we identify a list of challenges and the root causes.


Design Solutions

that work for your business

Based on the resources available and the needs and wants of our clients, we design the best solutions for their situation.



Practical Solutions

We help our clients to test and implement business solutions.


Follow up

to measure the impact.

We follow up with clients to measure the impact of the solution on internally and externally.

Main Services


Consultation Session

If you are looking for answers to specific business-related questions, or in a crossroad...

150$ Per/Hour

Service Request

‍Consultation Process

If you are getting unwanted results with your business and you need help in identifying the problem(s) and explore options for solutions...

100$ Per/Hour

Service Request

Consultation Service

If you have a specific solution in mind such as setting up a management system for your business, building the capacity of your team, or developing marketing strategy...
Service Request







Follow up

Free Business Self-Assessment

Business Self-Assessment would help you to  evaluate the main aspects of your business. It is highly recommended to use this tool before requesting any of our consultation services.


Customer Needs & Wants

Values and believes, Job to be Done, barriers...


Alternatives & Competitors

Category, territory, alternatives & substitutions...


Service/ Product

Value Proposition, brand, Customer Experience...



Revenue Stream, Pricing, Quantity...



Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Capital Expenditure...


Customer Relationship

Brand Awareness, Acquisition, Retention...



Cash Position, Scalability, Capacity, Fixability...



We work with...


We provide a set of services for companies to help them overcome business related challenges on Strategic and Operational levels. Usually we conduct Needs Assessment, present our findings and suggested solutions, then we work with our clients to implement and measure the impact of those solutions.



We also work with...


We support conducting business-related research, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, and design interventions.

Starting or running a business in Iraq might be challenging on different levels; Strategic and Operational. As a business owner, manager, or even a team member of any business, you have to make a lot of decisions and you are always surrounded by many questions. To overcome those challenges, to make better decisions, and to find answers to those questions you may need some external professional help.

Business by Design offers Business Consultation services to companies and organizations to help them solve business-related problems. We use up-to-date business management methodologies and we always test the best technologies available to provide the right consultation for our clients. We consider our service as successful when we empower our clients, build their capacity and mindset to solve those problems, and they are always welcome to come back with more challenging problems.

Our clients can benefit from the expertise of our; which is a network of experts we are building to cover different aspects of business management such as Financial Management, Data Science, Information and Technology...etc. Moreover, you will be benefiting from our business community (more information will be shared soon).


Quick Consultation Session

If you have a specific problem or a question to discuss with our team, which requires 2 to 3 hours.

150$ Per Hour


  • Duration 2 to 3 hours.
  • Follow up for 3 months.
  • You can shift to long-term consultation, fees collected will be considered as down payment.
  • Access to Business Gathering monthly activity for 3 months.
Service Request


Long-Term Consultation

If you are planning to develop different aspects of your business that requires relatively long term consultation.

Starting from
100$ Per Hour


  • Free business assessment.
  • Follow up for One Year.
  • Access to Business Gathering activity for One Year.
Service Request

Business Consultation Process


Service Request

Our journey will always start with a single click that will take you to the Service Form, which contains a set of simple questions that would give us general idea about the type of consultation you are requesting.

Service Request


Based on submitting your request, our team will contact you in 48 hours to setup a meeting (The First Session).

Our team will explain to you our Privacy Policy and the procedure to conduct the consultation.


The First Session

The First Session is a two to three hours long, which might be all you need to get answers for your questions, or it will lead to a longer process, all based on your needs/wants.

During this session, our consultant(s) will ask questions, record your answers, listen to the challenges you are facing and provide answers and guidance towards the solution. Our consultation will be based on your claim, the data and evidence you provide and your point of view. However, if you need us to conduct deeper assessment, this will take you to the next step.

You will be provided with:

  • A signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the privacy of your information. a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the privacy of your information (before the session).
  • Session Report, which will highlight the main points discussed and the action required (if any).
  • 3 Months Free Access to our Business Gathering activities.
150$ Per Hour


If longer process is required to further analyze your problem or to provide solutions, our team will share with you an offer.

You will be provided with:

  • Service Offer, which will explain the scope of the service to be provided and estimate time and cost to achieve our objective(s).

Service Agreement

Upon the approval of the offer provided, a Service Agreement will be signed to initiate the process.

The Service Agreement will have most of the details mentioned in the offer and additional information and guarantees for our clients. Our work will start upon signing the Service Agreement and the deposit of the down payment.

You will be provided with:

  • Signed Service Agreement.
  • Receipt for your down payment.
  • Additional 6 Months Free Access to our Business Gathering activities.
  • Free access to our follow up program for 6 months.


Here where most of the action will take place, our core team and (if required) our External Consultants and Service Providers will work according to the Service Agreement to provide the requested service.

The implementation may vary based on the needs/wants of the client and the Service Agreement. This may include, conducting in depth assessment to identify the gaps and challenges if the problem is not clear or further data and information is required to provide the solution. However, if the requirements/problems are clear, our team will design and implement the soliton.

You will be provided with:

  • A report after each activity or interaction happen with the client.
  • Feedback form to evaluate every activity.
  • Access to the action plan in our management system to follow up.
  • Any documents, analysis, data and access agreed upon in the Service Agreement.
  • Monthly Invoice to recover the expenses.
Starting from 100$ Per Hour


Upon the completion of the service we will come to the end of the Service Agreement.

The implementation may vary based on the needs/wants of the client and the Service Agreement. This may include, conducting in depth assessment to identify the gaps and challenges if the problem is not clear or further data and information is required to provide the solution. However, if the requirements/problems are clear, our team will design and implement the soliton.

You will be provided with:

  • Completion Report, highlighting the main activities conducted during the implementation, short term results and long term expected results.
  • Evaluation Form, for you to evaluate the whole experience and to provide feedback.
  • Finalize and financial obligations.

Follow up

Based on the duration of the Service Agreement and the service provided, our team will follow up with your business for 6 to 12 Months.

During this period, our communication team will contact you periodically to follow up. Additional sessions might be provided if required. There are possibilities to link you with other clients to provide services.

You will be provided with:

  • Periodic Follow up.

How do we provide Business Consultation service?

Our consultation may vary based on the challenges your business is facing. However,

Service Request


The first step of our journey will always start with the Service Form. A set of questions that will help us understand your needs/wants. We will contact you to set up a meeting the next step.

Service form
We are committed to get back to you within 48 hours after the submission.



Based on the service requested, we will setup one to three FREE sessions to better understand the problem and to identify the scope of our work. You will be also requested to provide some documents and records.

Non-Disclosure Agreement will be signed to ensure the confidentiality of your information.



We will share with you an offer identifying the following: the scope of work and objectives, estimated number of sessions, time and price, and other standard operation procedures to facilitate our engagement. Upon the acceptance of our offer, we will sign the Service Agreement (down payment will be required).



Based on the action plan in the service agreement, our team will start the consultation process which may include the following: consultation sessions, review and analysis for documents and reports provided by the client, field visits, capacity building activities, collecting feedback from employees, customers and partners...etc.

You will have the chance to provide feedback after each activity or interaction.



To conclude our work according to the service agreement, you will be kindly requested to fill evaluation form (Operationally Closed), the last invoice will be due within 30 days for Financial Closure.

Follow up


Our team will keep in touch with you and your team to follow up on the progress been made and the sustainability of your business. You will might be invited for other activities during the follow up such as Business Gatherings, Focus Groups...etc.


Free Business Self Assessment