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Business Consultation

We work with companies and organizations to identify the business-related challenges they face on strategic and operational level. Then we work with them to find the most suitable solutions using up-to-date methodologies, tools and technology.

Companies & organizations

Career Coaching

We also work with individuals to identify the challenges they face to find jobs, get promoted or even change their field of work. Then we work with them to develop a clear and sustainable career path.

Job Seekers, Employees, Contractors, & Freelancers


We have chosen to provide consultation for companies (institutions) and career coaching for individuals because we believe those two areas are interlinked. A successful business needs a qualified and dedicated team, in order to have and sustain such team, the business must function well. A clear vision and solid plans are required to develop and scaleup the business, and a clear career path is essential for individuals to reach their full potential.


One of our FREE services available for companies and individuals.

Business Self-Assessment would help you to  evaluate the main aspects of your business. It is highly recommended to use this tool before requesting any of our consultation services. This is to help you; decide whether you need external support or you already have sufficient in-house potentials, and  select the right service for your business.

Career Self-Assessment helps job seekers, contractors, employees and freelancers  evaluate the main aspects of their career. It may also help you structure your thoughts, identify some gaps and find out whether you need our support, and how you need it.


tools for businesses

In Business by Design we use a set of tools and technologies for management, marketing, and finance. We recommend exploring those tools - some might be suitable for your business and your team.

Tons of materials are available on YouTube and other platforms to help you master those tools, however, if you need help, let us know. Our team can help in optimizing those tools to be suitable for your workflow.


In career coaching i have learned that in order to reach the best result i have to put my focus on a specific field better than many unrelated others.

Gabriel Qays
Business Data Analysis
October 24, 2022

Career coaching program provides an incentive to work on weakness points especially for fresh graduates

Saja Qahtan
Visa coordinator
Banias for travel and tourism
October 24, 2022



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